Museums, Education and Citizenship

The Water Museum of EPAL completes in 2012 its 25’s Anniversary and its Pedagogical Service 15 years. Open to the community since 1987 our work has been done towards different kind of public since the beginning but always with the same purpose: to show the importance of our greater good: the WATER through beautiful and magnificent monuments of the XVIII and XIX century, essential components of the water supply system of the city of Lisbon.

Don’t be mistaken we belong to a company that sells water but what values do we broadcast to the public? What do people come for? We believe that museums are partners in education for the future generations so museums should be very clear when speaking to this audience. We live in a global world and we can make a difference.



Margarida Filipe, Portugal


Coordinator of Pedagogical Service “Águas Livres”,

Water Museum, Lisbon,


BA in Public Relations and Advertising, MA in Artistic Education by Fine Arts Faculy of Lisbon. She has worked at EPAL since 1998, when she joined the Department of Corporate Communication, Since 2011, she belongs to the Water Museum Staff, with the responsability of coordinating the Pedagogical Service “Águas Livres”, focused on the relation between Museum and schools.


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