Cultural Routes: a new challenge for museums

The treasure of the Portuguese Cultural Heritage is an important resource of our country, which is increasingly getting interest among tourists, looking for a different experience, that combines Tangible and Intangible Heritage.
The survey of Cultural Itineraries and Cultural Routes available online, allows us to introduce more than 500 hundred offers, of various themes, promoted by different entities, from all over the country. At the same time, we realized that some promoters are unable to monetize these products, not also as touristic resource but also as an economic development agent.
The development of a common strategy among all the entities involved is a challenge that should involve Cultural Institutions, namely museums.


Patrícia Remelgado, Portugal

Museum Professional


Patrícia Remelgado studied History, variant Art in Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Master in Museology, is currently developping her PHD about Museums and Communication  in the same educational institution.

Patrícia Worked several years in a Museum as responsible for the Documentation and Collection Management Department. She has been collaborating with several national and International Cultural projects, namely “Cultural and Creativity Forum 2009” and the EUCYS 2010: European Union Contents for Young Scientists, both as member of the Organization Committee.

She also participated in several national and international conferences and published some papers.

Patrícia is responsible for the Pportodosmuseus –, an online project that aims to promote national and international Cultural initiatives. In 2010, Pportodosmuseus was distinguished by the Portuguese Museology Association with the honorable mention award for the “Best Online Communication”. Patrícia is also member of the Trienal Movimento Desenho 2012 Organization Committee.


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