Algarve’s Museum Network

The Algarve’s Museum Network was the culmination of a dream and a previous work that lasted a decade (1997 – 2007). During this period mentalities slowly changed and a dialogue in a regional perspective began. As the network advanced three areas were defined: (1.) Information; (2.) Training and (3.) Partnerships. Since last year several work groups have been formed, such as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage”; “Archaeology”; “Conservation and Restoration” and “Educational Service”.

All in all, one can state that these five years of network have contributed to the qualification of museum’s professionals and to the positioning of museums as active partners in regional development.



Dália Paulo, Portugal


Regional Director of Culture in the Algarve


Museologist. Regional Director for Culture in the Algarve since November 2009. Doctoral candidate in Museology at ULHT – Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies. Master in History of Portuguese Art and Graduated in History, major in Archaeology at University of Coimbra. Director and Curator of the Faro Municipal Museum from 2002 to 2009 and was the editor of the Magazine of Museology MUSEAL from nr. 1 to nr. 4 (2006 to 2009). One of the Algarve’s Museum Network’s founders (2007). Guest professor of Museology and Curatorship on the Master of Culture Management at University of Algarve since 2009. Has published several articles about Museology and Heritage.


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