Collections Management

In 2009 ARGO | Arte, Património&Cultura put into practice an innovative approach, one which associates the conservation and restoration assumptions of collections with strategies which can  ensure their sustainability, through the generation of economic  and cultural value for the institutions. Starting out from two ideas which sprung out during the 1990s – cultural entrepreneurship and cultural capital – ARGO developed a set of skills and services with different levels of methodological and technical complexity.  Collections Management is one the features which, because of a holistic approach, is based on an idea of poly-institutional involvement, which guarantees an optimization of results in every project.

Mariana Basto, Portugal

Founder and Director of ARGO-CR


Mariana Esteves Xavier de Basto obtained he rBachelor’s degree at Escola Superior de Conservação-Restauro, associated with the former Instituto de Conservação e Restauro, and has a Master’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration from Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (UNL-FCT).

She has undertaken work linked to preservation, dissemination, revitalization, and financial benefits of cultural heritage since her academic training in 1999, in the areas of maintenance plan implementation, investigation, conservation and restoration.In this context, her final academic project was at the Centro de Arte Moderna José de Azeredo Perdigão |Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian  (CAMJAP-FCG), which counted with the participation of the specialists, Tom Learner, of the Tate Modern, and Boris Pretzel, of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Also for the CAMJAP, she subsequently undertook conservation and restoration interventions of pieces for national and international exhibitions, as well as the elaboration of conditions reports of the most important works, with an emphasis on Prole’s Wall, on which she published an article for the Centre’s website (2011).

She founded ARGO in 2005, a firm in which she is director and partner, and one with a solid standing in the market today, and with a direction of permanent growth. Among its clients ARGO counts museums, foundations, galleries, antique dealers, private collectors, sports clubs, and religious institutions.

MarianaBasto has invested in complementary training in technical, interpersonal, and strategic skills in a business context, aimed at sustainability and resource optimization, in order to promote the best conditions of collections – Movable and Integrated Heritage – as well as work teams and involved partners.

She was selected to participate in the workshop Institute  for  Cultural  Entrepreneurship  for  Museum  Leaders: Turning  Challenges  into  Opportunities, May 1 – 4 in Cooperstown (NY, USA), being the only European amongs 20 professionals. She was awarded a travel grant by FLAD  -FundaçãoLuso-Americana  para  o Desenvolvimento.

She has participated in Presentations, Seminars, Congresses, and Meetings in the fields of Heritage and Museology. She was invited by the Associação  Portuguesa de  Museologia (APOM) to be part of its instructors for its 2nd and 5th Summer Courses.

She is a memberofthe Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários  (ANJE),  the Associação  Portuguesa de  Museologia  (APOM),  the  Associação  Profissional  dos  Conservadores-Restauradores  de Portugal  (ARP), and member of  ICOM  and of  ICOMOS – Portugal.

Luís Pereira, Portugal



Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration, Master’s Degree in Museology, and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Documentation and Information. Since 2005 dedicates himself professionally and scientifically in the areas of preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. He has experience in Museums, Historic Archives, and Libraries, and has published articles in scientific publications. He has worked in ARGO | Arte, Património&Cultura since 2010.


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