Current state of Emilio Perez Piñero Foundation: archive and museological proposal

This year 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of spanish architect Emilio Pérez Piñero.

This paper examines the internal work carried out Emilio Pérez Piñero Foundation (Murcia, Spain). Given the lack of funding, has invested to research of documentary and museografics funds that constitute the Archive and Museum. It describes as organized and classified standard each of the information. It also describes a new museological proposal to be interpreted from different perspectives. The website helps spread this cultural legacy and bring his work to the general public and researcher in particular.


Carmen Pérez, Spain

Head of Archive Emilio Pérez Piñero Foundation


M. Carmen Perez Almagro (1978) studied History at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Murcia. Carmen works on museums, archeology and documentation in the Region of Murcia. From 2002 to 2011 has been dedicated to the cataloging of museografics funds from the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQUA (Cartagena, Murcia). She is currently Head of the Archive of the Foundation Emilio Pérez Piñero (Calasparra, Murcia).


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