Discussing the Participatory Museum: Network of School Archaelogical Clubs

The National Museum of Archeology has created a project called Archaeological Clubs Network in Schools. This project makes the connection between the museum and schools promoting the importance of archaeology and archaeological heritage.
It is a way to make the museum more participatory since the project is developed at the Museum, in Schools and on the Internet. Through an online platform all Schools and the Museum can share and use educational resources. Schools can also show their activities.

This project continues to grow, with more and more schools to join … participating in the museum, learning from the museum’s objects of the museum and protect the heritage.~


Mário Antas, Portugal

Senior Educational Researcher, National Museum of Archeology



Mário Antas (1972) studied History. He made post-graduated studies in several areas such as History (specialization in Archaeology)  History Teaching (specialization in Teacher Training), Museology and Heritage, Sociomuseology, a master degree in Art History and currently he is finish the doctorate thesis on Museology.

Mário is currently responsible for developing an educational network program about archaeology between National Museum of Archaeology and schools and he is also responsible for developing an online platform with educational resources in Archaeology.

He is responsible for developing international projects of the museum. Currently he is coordinating the museum’s participation in the European project EUROVISION (Museums exhibiting Europe) coordinated by the University of Augsburg (Germany).

He is also participating in the CHE (Civic and History Education) project coordinated by the University of Vienna (Austria) as an invited expert.


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