Key Trends in Museums of the Future

In her recent book, The Story of Irish Museums 1790-2000, Marie included a chapter, ‘key developments in the 21st century museum’, to highlight the issues that are impacting on museums  She organised the National Gallery of Ireland symposium: ‘Future Forecasting: the challenges facing museums and cultural institutions’ (2011), and the Roundtable ‘The challenges facing museums onsite and online in the 21st century’ (2012) in association with LEM/the Learning Museum Network Project, of which the Gallery is a member. She co-ordinates the LEM working group: ‘Key trends in museums of the 21st Century’.


Marie Bourke, Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

Watch the interview.


Dr. Marie Bourke is Keeper-Head of Education at the National Gallery of Ireland. Publications: The Story of Irish Museums 1790-2000 (Cork: Cork University Press, 2011); Discover Irish Art, co-author, Dr. S.B. Lynch (Dublin: NGI, 1999); Art in Transition (Dublin: NGI, 1998); Exploring Art (Dublin: NGI, 1997); Catalogues: Museums Matter, co-author, Dr. J. Bell (Dublin: Irish Museums Association, 2008); Drawing Studies: A Celebration (Dublin: NGI, 2007); Learning from Art (Dublin: NGI, 2004); Children’s Art  (Dublin: NGI,1992); Edited 9 issues of NGI Museum Proceedings. A former chair of the Irish Museums Association; Adjunct Professor in the School of Art History & Cultural Policy, University College Dublin; Board Member, the University of Limerick.


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