Three Museums – National, Regional and Private: three different types of management

We monitor three differentiated strategies geared towards surpassing the shift that cultural management is facing nowadays in Portugal: a national museum, a regional museum financed by a municipality and a privately-managed museum are analyzed according with specific criteria, such as the existence of regular evaluations following qualitative and quantitative objectives, or the existence of public-private partnerships for key actions. We try to understand how the nature of these entities, their size and their geographic location may affect their management choices. The purpose is to draft models to ensure the continuity (and, if possible, growth) of cultural equipment that is a key to the consolidation of the cultural maturity of our country.


Catarina Valença, Portugal

Manager Director of Spira


PhD in Art History from Nova University of Lisbon; DHERST from IREST, Paris 1 University – Panthéon Sorbonne; Manager Director of Spira revitalização patrimonial Lda., (;  Research fellow at Nova University of Lisbon’s Art History Institute.

António Cardoso Pinto, Portugal

Project Manager Trainee at Spira


Graduate in Art History from University of Lisbon; Project Manager Trainee at Spira, Revitalização Patrimonial, Lda.


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