About Collection and Information Management |Thesauri: a work in progress

Thesauri are very helpful, even necessary for museums and cultural heritage institutions:

–          not only for correct registration of museum objects,

–          but also for the search facilities by exposure of the information on the internet (www.museuminzicht.be and http://www.erfgoedplus.be in Belgium, http://www.europeana.eu …).

Thesauri are necessary for people looking for something: thesauri are making that people find the information they’re looking for it. Even Google needs more than 100 people to make the thesaurus for their search engine. Even the semantic web technology is based on a web of thesauri.

The Europeana staff knows that they need a multilingual thesaurus to enriche their content and to raise the quality of searches in their database. So thesauri are necessary but they still have to be made by people.

Making a thesaurus is a lifelong work. Therefore it’s necessary to work together, to use and adapt existing thesauri. And even then it’s time consuming.

The workshop goals are:

–          to know which thesauri are used in other countries,

–          to hear the possible interest of other people to work together,

–          to hear the possible interest in using and/or contributing AAT.


Mieke Van Doorselaer

Museum Advisor,

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen,



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