Challenges of volunteers’ coordination

Over the years Izabella Csordás has developed a volunteer management model, which would be introduced in this lecture with a special emphasis on the challenges volunteer coordinators have either connected to the institution, to paid staff or to personal issues.

Are there general solutions? Does the social background determine patterns of volunteering and mental setting? Where is the limit between mentoring and dismissing a volunteer?


Izabella Csordás, Hungary

Head of Visitor Services, Museum of Fine Arts of Budapest

 Watch the video.


Izabella Csordás graduated as an MsC in Economics in 2003. In 2006, she established the Volunteer Program of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest (MFAB) as a unique museum initiative. Over the years she made connection to several museums abroad, researched the training methods and the general organizational background of volunteers in different institutions among others in the UK, in Ireland and in Israel. In several conferences she provided lectures and workshops related to volunteer management.

Since 2010 she is the Head of Visitor Services and since 2007 she coordinates both the Volunteer Program and the Friends of the Museum.


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