Heritage, People and Efficiency: do they work together? Some major doubts about museum’s management models over the Lisbon Municipal Museum’s process of change

The problematic situation of having Lisbon municipal museums divided in two different institutions – the hierarchical public structure of the Municipality and the Municipal (private-public) Company for Culture – led the present Councillor for Culture and Joana, within the Councillor’s Office team, to study and reflect about traditional and new models of public local museums sustainability; about accountability and state-providence convictions; about individuality and networking.

She will speak about the path that led to the present resolutions in a hard crisis context, and the knowledge resulting from it. Lisbon municipal museums and monuments will eventually gather in the same institution, probably in the Municipal Company for Culture, but not as soon as expected.



Joana Sousa Monteiro, Portugal

Cultural Heritage Policy Advisor

Grupo de Trabalho para a Criação da Rede de Museus Municipais, Lisbon Municipality



Joana Sousa Monteiro (1971) studied Art History in Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Museology in Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias; and Cultural Management at INDEG/ ISCTE Faculty.

Joana is currently responsible for studying and implementing municipal museum and heritage programs for the Lisbon Councilor for Culture Office, working both with municipal and international projects.

She was vice-coordinator of the Portuguese Museum Network / Institute of Museums and Conservation for 10 years, working particularly with the registration scheme and managing financial support programs.


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