Museums an Intangible Heritage in Regional Identity Projects

In Gelderland (the Netherlands) regional identity projects are becoming increasingly popular. In these projects cultural, landscape and historical organizations work together to improve the spatial quality of an area. In addition, they promote citizen participation and try to get inhabitants to look at their environment from a different perspective. Important parts of these projects are stories and intangible heritage; both of these are considered to be good means to reach the public.

Identity projects offer many opportunities for the museums in Gelderland. The museums become more and more aware of the fact that if they want to be considered an important social factor, they will have to step out of their building and participate. The museums often serve to preserve or mediate when it comes to intangible heritage. This means that they benefit from the effect and the output (stories) of the identity projects. In this presentation two identity projects, one top-down and one bottom-up, will be addressed.


Jette Janssen, The Netherlands

Advisor Popular Culture and Intangible Heritage, Stichting Gelders Erfgoed


Jette Janssen (1976) studied Cultural History and Business Communication at Nijmegen University and defended her Phd thesis on Ethnology and Social History at Tilburg University. She is advisor popular culture and intangible heritage at Stichting Gelders Erfgoed in Zutphen (Netherlands) and currently responsible for regional identity projects, popular culture and youth projects, oral history, and Gelders Erfgoed Magazine.


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