Theory(ies) of organizational sustainability: from mission to people

Sustainability is often regarded, through synecdoche, as “financial sustainability”. And cultural organizations, through the “LeanManagement” philosophy inscribed in their DNA, know a lot about this, because they are more often than not on the verge of unsustainability. But a wider definition is needed, even as our world succumbs (or because our world is succumbing) to death by financial indicators.

Looking further than their financial statements is na imperative for wanna be sustainable cultural organizations, even if, in the end, it may be through them that sustainability more clearly manifests itself.

We will reflect on these issues through na organizational theory that promotes sustainable growth in arts organizations.

Rui Catarino, Portugal

Executive Management Team Member, Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture

Assistant Lecturer, Higher School of Theater and Film, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

Watch the interview.


Rui Catarino is na arts management professional, currently serving as member of the Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture’s Executive Management team. He is also a lecturer at the Higher Institute of Theater and Film in Lisbon.

Having studied economics and arts management, he has been working within this field for the past 12 years at some of the foremost portuguese cultural institutions, such as the Serralves Foundation in Porto, OPART (National Opera, Symphony and Ballet), and the São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon.

Rui is a De Vos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center’s alumn, and was a founding partner of Canal 180, the first portuguese television channel fully dedicated to arts and creativity.


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