Triennial “Desenha 12” (Drawing 2012): Creating a national project with no budget

The Triennial “Desenha 12” (Drawing 2012) will take place between 15th October and 15th December. This projects aims to promote the Portuguese drawing and the projects developed by the cultural agents within this theme, all over the country. At this moment, this projects involves more than one hundred public and private institutions, as also several artists that are working together, according to their own identity, but all of them contributing to a National Move that is intended to celebrate drawing as an artistic discipline, a technical expression, an historic testimony and an economic development agent.
The origin of this successful project, its goals and its development during the last months are some of the aspects that this presentation is going to reveal.


Sofia Borges, Portugal

Member of the Desenha’ 12 Coordination Team



Sofia Borges (1970, Lisbon) studied Design at the Decorative Arts University (ESAD). She made her probation at the National Music Museum, in the Educational Services. Later on she studied Museums and Education, at the Évora University, where she is currently studding Museology.

Sofia integrates the coordinating team of the Triennial Drawing’12. She also teaches Art and Creativity to children, and has a shop of Portuguese products that is also a space for promoting Portuguese designers and for workshops. She develops design, cultural and educational projects.

Patrícia Remelgado, Portugal

Museum Professional


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