Defining community: some reflexions about social legitimation of local heritage

Heritage politics of the 21th century confront us with the challenge to learn to walk on the route of reconnaissance and value of cultural diversity and, in consequence, along with the memories and sociocultural processes that give shape to the essence of the concept.

Along with the rhythm of a collective notion of Heritage and Safeguarding, and with the aim of nurturing the reflection about the change in the paradigm that we are now witnessing, the author presents a number of ideas, principles and concepts that come as a result of her current investigation in order to define a new museological category: cultural participation.


Lorena Querol, Portugal

Post-Doctoral researcher at Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra


Lorena Querol (1972), Phd. in Museology at Lusofona University (Lisbon, Portugal), and MA in Fine Arts at Complutense University (Madrid, Spain).

At present, she Works as a professor at IADE. Criative University, where she is responsable of the tematic area of Cultural Heritage. At the same time, she is a researcher of the Centre for Social Studies (U.C.), where she is now developing a Project regarding cultural participation in the area of Museology.

Her publications’ main subject is Social Museology, regarding questions such as organization, management and social legitimating of local heritage items.


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