Culture North Regional Board: projects for entrepreneurship

This paper aims to present the activity developed by the Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte, in the context of the entrepreneurship in the Cultural Heritage, according to its legal competencies, its Cultural equipments and taking into account several Creative Industries initiatives that are being developed in the region.
Currently, within the framework of national and international collaboration, the Direcção Regional de Cultural do Norte, is involved in three important projects:

– Creativa Project, in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia and the Axencia Galega das Indústrias Culturais

– LECU Project, in collaboratiom with the Junta de Andalucia, the Ayuntamiento de La Coruña and the Istituto Beni Artistici, Culturali e Naturali della Regione Emilia Romagna.

– Imagina Atlantica Project, in collaboration with partners from Angoulême, Yale sans Galicia.

The collaboration in all this projects is very important, providing the knowledge of reality and also of the several initiatives about the Cultural Heritage protection and valorization, which is essential to stimulate and promote the entrepreneurship and cultural employment.


Mário Brito, Portugal

Coordinator, Monastery S. Martinho de Tibães


Mário Brito studied History, variant Art and Archaeology in the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Mário collaborated with private and public educational institutions, namely with the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, where he taught  Applied Informatics.  Mário also participated in several national and international conferences within the Cultural Heritage, not only presenting papers but also as member of the Organizing Committee.  He coordinated several national and international Cultural Projects, namely ECulture Net (2002). Mário works in the public Portuguese Cultural area since 1984 and he is currently responsible for the Mosteiro de S. Martinho de Tibães /Monastery S. Martinho de Tibães (Braga), a service dependent from the Direcção Regional de Cultural do Norte.


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