Seeking transformation: becoming a reflective and critical community of practice

She will present the main structural guidelines and contexts for an on-going research project being carried out in Porto which deals with the nature of museums in a collaborative background and with the transformation of how institutions work together in the real world. She will begin by briefly presenting the main contexts and challenges the project attempts to address and talk about methodological options, particularly, the use of journal writing to enhance reflective practice through the lens of learning and as a means for creative imagination. Drawing from the action-research and interactive-participation traditions, the field of action of this research project deals with Porto’s museums and, particularly, with professionals, as social actors, devoted to the work of mediation. It aims to promoting sustainable collaboration within museum professionals, that is to say, the proposal involves mainly the development of a collaborative space and a community of practice that supports critical and creative thinking, promoting change.


Alice Semedo, Portugal

Museum Studies, University of Oporto


Alice is an Assistant Professor of Museology and Director for the MA Museology Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto. After finishing a first degree in Archaeology at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) she pursued her studies at the University of Leicester (M.A. 1991 and PhD 2003) where she presented a thesis on museum professional discourses (The Professional Museumscape: Portuguese Poetics and Politics), supervised by Professor Susan Pearce. Currently she is a researcher at the Instituto de Sociologia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Among other professional roles I am also a co-editor of the Journal MIDAS – Museums Interdisciplinary Studies ( and a member of the editorial Board of the Berghahn published Journal, Museum Worlds (



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