Joining forces for customer value. Developing new management and collaboration models for Finnish museums

The services of Finnish museums are part of a network of local, regional and national well-being services supported with public funds. As the traditional method of generating services is coming to an end museums also need to revaluate their service abilities and utilise their resources better.
National Board of Antiquities is coordinating a project “Museums and Wellbeing” during 2011-12 to develop new kinds of management, process thinking and collaboration models for the museum sector, as well as tools for customer-oriented service creation. The project seeks answers to the topical questions of: How to secure museum services as part of wellbeing services in a situation where the public economy is under increasing pressure? How can museums better meet their customers’ diversifying needs and expectations? How to encourage the customers, along with those working in the sector and various service providers to develop services together? Is it possible to increase the importance of museums as a source of creative economy and innovations?
The models created in the project will be piloted at the Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka and in the Linnanniemi museums in Hämeenlinna. In both of these locations, museum services are provided by the state, the local authorities and other parties. The results of the pilot project will be freely available for utilisation throughout the Finnish museum sector.


Ulla Teräs
Project Manager
National Board of Antiquities



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