Loures Museums & Galleries: public commitment through creativity and community engagement

There are no magic formulas to solve the problems we all face within times of crisis such as these, especially when the cultural sector is one of the first ones to be discarded.

But there is a way that has proved to be effective in the past thousands of years, something as simple as “together we stand stronger” and this is, I believe, one of the paths to overcome “the crisis”, facing it as an opportunity, a turning point to rethinking our models, to reboot our actions, to (re)define our goals. The share of aims, knowledge and resources between us, as professionals, and within our communities, will provide the mechanisms to reinforce and replace the museums role in society.

I’m here to share our experience from the last 16th months. We’ve been facing these challenging times trying to define a new management paradigm. Here everyone within the museum staff is invited to be an active participant in the pursuit of solutions. Each and every onehas become part of the decision making process. Although working with a shoestring budget we managed to set up a regular agendawhich increased our number of visitors and our impact in the community.


Conceição Assis Macieira, Portugal

Coordinator of Loures Museum & Galleries of Loures Municipality



Conceição Assis Macieira (1975) studied History and has an MA in Contemporary History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon.

She’s currently Coordinator of Museums and Galleries Area at Loures Municipality Cultural Division, being responsible for the management and development of programs within the defence, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage and contemporary arts.


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