Why a new plan for Cataluña Museums

The plan aims to rearrange the cluster of museum institutions in the country in order to save financial and human resources and adapt to suffer serious crisis in all areas including culture.

The project arranges the museums of Catalonia into four major “constellations” according to his typology.

– History of Art, led by the MNAC.

– History of the Society , association of all Museums of History of Catalonia, the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia and the Museum of Ethnology.

–   Contemporaneity, led by the MACBA.

–   Natural Sciences.

The power project:

– Museums as centres’ SAM head of coordination and logistical support and economic development through cooperation agreements on joint projects.

– The local networks of cooperation.

– The Catalan Agency of Cultural Heritage, conceived as a tool coordination and production resources with the purpose of enhancing the increase of visitors in museums.


Carme Gassó, Spain

Department of Museums and Mobile Heritage of the General Board of Cultural Heritage, Cataluña Government



Carme Gasso is a  BA in Art History at the University of Barcelona. MA in Museum Studies and Post-Graduate in Museology in Masaryk University, Brno ( former Czechoslovakia 1990).

She lectured in the areas of Museology and Cultural Management at the University of Vitoria,  University Complutense Madrid and, more recently, University of Barcelona.

Since 1986 is working in the Department of Museums and Cultural Heritage Management.

She is currently responsible for planning and implementation of the Care Services Museum (SAM) of the Department of Culture of theCatalunya Generalitat, coordinating the museums of the area and monitoring new museum projects. She also coordinates the pad InformatiuMuseus: http://blocs.gencat.cat/blocs/AppPHP/informatiumuseus/.


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