About the Center for Documentation and Information Department (CDI),and the Storage, Conservation and Restoration Department (RCR) at Sport Lisboa e Benfica

In 2009 the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Football Club initiated a comprehensive project focusing on the club’s historic collection. Aiming to create preservation conditions, and to simultaneously make them viable at the scientific, educational and exhibition level, in November 2011 the Centre for Documentation and Information (CDI) and the Storage, Conservation and Restoration Department (SCR) were inaugurated. The Portuguese Association of Museology named the creation and implementation of the RCR as the ‘Best Conservation and Restoration Intervention of 2011’, a project developed in partnership with ARGO |Arte, Património&Cultura.


Maria Inês Mata, Portugal


Coordinator RCR Department, Sport Lisboa and Benfica




Has a degree in Conservation and Restoration from the InstitutoPolitécnico de Tomarand a graduate degree in Conservation of Contemporary Art from UniversidadeCatólica Portuguesa. Since 2003 she has developed projects in the fields of conservation and restoration for both public and private institutions. Responsible for the implementation of the ARGO project between 2009 and 2011, and since 2011 as part of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica staff, where she coordinates the RCR Department.

Rita Costa, Portugal


Coordinator Center for Documentation and Information, Sport Lisboa and Benfica



Has a degree from the Universidade de Lisboa and has been part of Sport Lisboa e Benfica since 2006; she assumed the coordination of the Club’s Center for Documentation and Information in 2009. Under the protocols signed between the School of Arts at University of Lisbon and the School of Social Science and Humanities at the New University of Lisbon, she is also responsible for supervising school and professional internships in the area of documentation and information science.

Mariana Basto



Founder and Director of ARGO-CR



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