Museums: The collapse of the “Welfare-State” and the emergence of strategic philantropy

The way museums present themselves to society nowadays does not match the definitions which have been ascribed to them. The majority of museums has adopted, even if automatically, a business-like behavior, in order to cope with the State’s economic and financial constraints. This has led them to create a new acting paradigm. With the collapse of the Welfare state, also reflected in the lack of support to culture, those in charge of the cultural heritage were forced to innovate and to adapt themselves to different management models. A new concept of museum was created. We are now witnessing a new age in museology.

As a result of these transformations, museums have become closer to local communities and more attentive to stakeholders, the interested parties. From this connection, emerged natural partnership and collaboration bonds, which can be referred to as strategic philanthropy or causes’ marketing.

With this study we aim at showing how financial crisis is related to “cultural innovation”.


Humberto Rendeiro, Portugal


Museum Professional

Museu Monográfico de Conímbriga, Condeixa-aVelha


Humberto Rendeiro is currently “Técnico Superior” at Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga,  museum he has been envolved with since 1999.  He coordinates the museum’s communication areas, cultural agenda and he’s also responsible of attracting financial support for the Museum. He started his academic education in the field of business management, degree he did not finish. Still, he furthered his studies in History at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra. Humberto has a Masters degree in Museology from the same University.


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