Museums and companies: partnerships for formation, research and fundraising

Fundação Serralves, owner of one of the most important contemporary art museums in Portugal, realized in 2008 that it had a role in fostering the development of the creative industries cluster. This led to the creation of INSerralves, a creative industries business incubator, where 20|21 Conservação e Restauro was founded.

After 4 years, this contemporary art conservation-restoration company is still working in an office in INSerralves, as well as in a studio in Porto downtown. And it remains faithful to the principle that originated it: close collaboration between museums and companies.

The result of this principle is sharing resources and maximizing synergies with institutions such as the Museu Serralves, the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis and the Centro Português de Fotografia. These collaborations have taken different shapes throughout the years, including the use of rooms for masterclasses in exchange with the participation of the museum’s personnel in the courses. Collaborating in fundraising strategies, teaching conservation procedures to the museum’s team and preventive conservation analysis in parallel with conservation and restoration treatments are other examples of the different shapes that these collaborations have taken throughout the years.

In this paper, different sorts of collaboration are described and advantages to both sides are discussed. It offers a case-study for creative industries and museums, in order to reinforce partnerships between each other.

Acknowledgements – We would like to thank the trust and help of the staff of Fundação Serralves, Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Centro Português de Fotografia, Museu Internacional de Escultura Contemporânea (Santo Tirso) and Faculty of Sciences – University of Porto, as well as of the professors of all masterclasses.


Pedro Pardinhas, 20|21 Conservação e Restauro de Arte Contemporânea; +351 960080607

Pedro Pardinhas is partner at 20|21 Conservação e Restauro, a conservation studio specialized in modern and contemporary art. After studying economics and working in the telecom and advertising sectors, Pedro found his passion working in a company that innovates in the conservation area, by inviting worldwide conservation specialists to teach 20|21’s team in Porto and by working closely with research centers to solve the problems presented by modern materials.


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