Organising Committee and Support

The 9th European Museum Advisors Conference will be organised by Mapa das Ideias and Câmara Municipal de Loures (Municipality of Loures) in Loures, Mafra, Cascais and Lisbon, from 29 May to 2 June 2012.

Organising Committee

Inês Bettencourt da Câmara |

Joaquim Jorge |

Cristina Reboredo |

Maria João Nunes |

Ana Fernambuco | (financial director)

with the support of independent Museum Consultants:

Patrícia Remelgado | (Online communication)

Sofia Pina | (Communications’ edition)

We also count with the generous support of the many Museums and Cultural Centers that will be hosting the event and sharing with us their experience and technical expertise:

ARGO – Arte, Património & Cultura  at SL Benfica

“Casa das Histórias” Paula Rego  (“Casa das Histórias” Paula Rego Foundation)

Museu de Cerâmica de Sacavém (Municipality of Loures)

” Casa da Cerca – Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Almada (Municipality of Almada)

Museu do Fado e da Guitarra Portuguesa (EGEAC)

Museu Nacional de Arqueologia (IMC)

Palácio Nacional de Mafra (IMC)

Museu da Farmácia (National Pharmacy Association)

Museu do Dinheiro (Bank of Portugal)

Museu da Água (EPAL)

Rota Histórica das Linhas de Torres (PILT)

The conference’s Branding  is a creation by P06 Atelier.

P-06 Atelier is an international award-winning firm specializing in communication and environmental design on a wide range of scales. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, the studio was founded in 2006 by partners Nuno Gusmão, Estela Estanislau, Pedro Anjos and Catarina Carreira. It has since undertaken a variety of projects from complex, large scale wayfinding systems, museum and exhibition design, to communication and editorial design for the printed page, with a bold, striking style that has garnered a number of distinctions.

We also thank the support of  TO GUIDE that loaned the TourGuide radios during May 30th., during the visits to RHLT and Palácio Nacional de Mafra.

TO GUIDE produces, aggregates and distributes location based content for the Travel & Leisure Industry. With a deep knowledge in tourism and GPS solutions, the company develops and implements leading technologies to accommodate interpretive commentaries in a multitude of services and projects and vehicles, selling and installing solutions to deliver audio and video contents triggered by GPS on Boats, Buses, Trains, Buggies, Segways and other Touring vehicles.

We also have the kind support of:


Muzej novejše zgodovine Celje, Slovenia

The Museum of Recent History Celje  as sponsored and offered the publication “New Trends in Museology”  by Peter van Mensch and Leontine Meijer-van Mensch. (welcome kit for full conference participant).

Foundation for Museums and Visitors, Hungary

The Foundation for Museums and Visitors published and offered  “Volunteer Management In Cultural Institutions – A Practical Handbook” by Izabella Csordas.

 Antonio Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Paper Money Museum

The Antonio Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, that offered stationery belonging to its Paper Money Museum’s merchandising. The Antonio Cupertino de Miranda Foundation is a private, not-for-profit institution. The Foundation sees itself as an institution with a strong connection to the community, able to design sustainable programs, to create relevance through the potential of mediation of the Paper Money Museum in the community and also as a social entrepreneur.

    Museum of Paper Land of Santa Maria

The Museu do Papel Terras de Santa Maria (Paper Museum) also offered paper produced by the museum. Opened on 26 October 2001, and part of the Portuguese Network of Museums since 2002, the Museum of Paper Land of Santa Maria is the first museum dedicated to the History of Paper in Portugal, filling a gap in the Portuguese Industrial Museology.

We have also got the notable support of the following institutions:

ICOM-Portugal (Portuguese National Committee of ICOM) 

ICOM is the largest international organisation of museums and museums professionals, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of world natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible. Created in 1946, ICOM is a non-governmental organization that maintains formal relations with UNESCO and forms part of the counselling board of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

APOM (Portuguese Association of Museology)

The Portuguese Association of Museology, also known as APOM, aims to bring together museum professionals, museums or equivalent institutions, according to the criteria established by ICOM.
It also aims to promote knowledge of Museology and scientific and technical fields that inform, through meetings and study visits, conferences, exhibitions and publications. Finally, it is their intention to highlight the important role played by museums and the museum profession in each community and between peoples and cultures.


The Institute for Museum and Conservation (IMC) is an agency of the Secretary of Culture, established in 2007, under the Restructuration Program of the State Administration. Following an extensive process of reorganisation of the tutelage from different areas of heritage, the new Institute is the result of merger of the former Portuguese Institute of Museums,  the Portuguese Institute of Conservation and Restoration, and the Structure of Mission Portuguese Network of Museums. On the other hand, it has extended its responsibilities to the universe of intangible heritage, which for decades had no institutional framework in the Portuguese State. IMC includes 28 museums and National Palaces in the country. 


EGEAC is public enterprise of the Municipality of Lisbon for the Management of Facilities and Cultural Animation.
The cultural facilities under EGEAC’s management are: São Jorge Castle, São Jorge Cinema, Maria Matos Municipal Theatre, Puppet Museum, Fado Museum, Marquês de Pombal Palace, Marquês de Tancos Palace, Monument to the Discoveries, São Luiz Municipal Theatre and Taborda Theatre.
EGEAC is also in charge of the programming of diverse initiatives: Festas de Lisboa, Com’Out Lisbon, Lisbon Carnival, Christmas Concerts, Music in the Squares, Roots and Rituals among other cultural events that take place in Lisbon. EGEAC is under the tutelage of the Municipality of Lisbon.


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