Day 4

1 June

Pharmacy Museum

Sessions of 90 minutes


About Volunteer Management

How does one measure the success of volunteer work?

Izabella Csòrdas, Hungary

In museums, engaging volunteer usually generates a wide debate. At the end of the day, however, we are both human beings and we both might have the same motivation: develop the museum’s services. Are there economic arguments to have volunteers? Is it worth to involve them, train and monitor them? How does one measure the value of having volunteers?

Besides discussing these issues in an interactive way, in smaller and bigger groups, participants will be asked to provide a short introduction about their volunteer management and general management background.


About Collection and Information Management

Thesauri: a work in progress

Mieke Van Doorselaer, Belgium

Thesauri are very helpful, even necessary for museums and cultural heritage institutions:

–      not only for correct registration of museum objects

–      but also for the search facilities by exposure of the information on the internet ( and in Belgium, …).

Thesauri are necessary for people looking for something: thesauri are making that people find the information they’re looking for it. Even Google needs more than 100 people to make the thesaurus for their search engine. Even the semantic web technology is based on a web of thesauri.

The Europeana staff knows that they need a multilingual thesaurus to enriche their content and to raise the quality of searches in their database. So thesauri are necessary but they still have to be made by people.

Making a thesaurus is a lifelong work. Therefore it’s necessary to work together, to use and adapt existing thesauri. And even then it’s time consuming.

The workshop goals are:

–      to know which thesauri are used in other countries,

–      to hear the possible interest of other people to work together,

–      to hear the possible interest in using and/or contributing AAT.

About Interactive Design

Designing the Interactive Experience in Museum Exhibits

Bruno Nascimento Nobre, Portugal

All over the world museums are increasingly adopting new ways of designing and thinking their spaces through the implementation of interactive technologies that offers to change the way visitors move, perceive and relate to these sites and exposed items.

It is essential to think of the design of these interactive experiences, the possibilities and added value they can bring to the institution and the visitor. Digital mediation in museums exhibits is already a reality and a strong point in developing motivation, engagement and in capture the attention of visitors, enabling to discover new and augmented perspectives on the display of artifacts through augmented reality, mobile technologies and interactive walls, among others.

This workshop will discuss some examples of what is happening somewhat in museums around the world in terms of interactive technologies, establishing an open debate on what could be the future of museums in the light of these new technologies and interaction paradigms. It will then be prompted to create an interaction model for a specific purpose to promote interaction with the use of these technologies, existing or not.

About Networking and Project Management

Overcoming the crisis with networking

Joaquim Jorge and Ana Fernambuco, Portugal

This workshop is dedicated to “thinking European”. During the session, a very short overview of the Lifelong Learning Programme will be made. After that, the participants will discuss common grounds and needs and see how these can be dealt with through this programme.

Aspects such as the European Agenda, Project management, the National Priorities will be discussed and our goal is that this workshop will be the incubator of very interesting projects.


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